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Our vehicles may occasionally encounter additional charges or time, and in this event we need to pass on small surcharges to cover those extra costs. Here you can see a brief outline of those charges.

Multi-Drop You can "group" your deliveries onto one vehicle, reducing your overall delivery costs. These would still largely be calculated upon a one-way mileage, although for the 2nd drop and each thereafter a charge of £10 will be applied.

Waiting Standardly we allow 1/2 hour loading and unloading. Any time in excess of that is charged at £3.75 for each 1/4 hour (£15 per hour)

Congestion Charges Currently valid in Durham and Central London Only. £11.50 for Central London, £5 for Durham. Other cities may introduce such charges, and any such changes will be billed as a surcharge.

Tolls Billed as applicable. (Dartford Toll, Humber Bridge, Midland Expressway, Severn River Crossing etc.)

Ferries For deliveries requiring a sea crossing, please contact the office for an accurate quotation. Ferry prices are constantly changing dependant on a number of variables.

Return Loads Dependant on the size of the load, a return trip will be charged anything up to 50% of the original delivery cost.

Please note that all prices quoted within this website are subject to VAT.

Telephone: 01763 232907